TAMI - Technical Asset Management

Product description

The TAMI package focuses on the management and analysis of technical data, such as process data, maintenance, technical documentation etc. Additionally it combines this information with business indicators (such as for example energy prices) in order to deliver to medium and high level management staff the effective tools for efficient and complex management of the utility plant. The main advantages of this solutions are: gaining control on the technical processes, increase of plant reliability, minimization of operation costs, means for better operational and strategic decisions.

In a nutshell
For keeping of the operational & maintenance costs under control. The application contains the following functionalities:

  • Monitoring of control system components
  • Monitoring of technological components
  • Detection of asset identities
  • Condition monitoring
  • Acquisition of detailed diagnostics
  • Generation of service requests
  • Maintenance data for all assets in uniform structure and form for subsequent processing levels
  • Commissioning support
  • Event logging

The TAMI module breaks into two components:

  • Service Management
  • Documentation Management


TAMI: Service Management domain includes the following functionalities:

  • gathering measurement data from the automation system components
  • gathering diagnostic data from automation system components
  • performing calculations of performance indicators related to key components
  • providing means for monitoring the performance indicators of the key components
  • supporting service activities by:
    • generation of reports prior to and after the service action
    • automatic service request generation based on threshold crossing of data gathered from the automation system
    • executing service activity work flows
    • maintenance scheduling
    • providing spare parts management
    • reporting:
  • list of spare parts available in the depository
  • list of assets; different perspectives
    • current state: operational, in service, out of operation
    • history of operation: statistical data, trends of measured values and calculations based on measured variables; duration of service intervals;
  • list of service contracts
  • costs; different perspectives:
    • summary of service costs for each of 94 cost centres (or more in the future); each asset; group of assets
    • energy used to transfer 1000m3 of gas for each compressor (implementation depends on the energy measurement data format - i.e. granularity)
  • data export for analysis with third-party software (csv files)

TAMI: Documentation Management includes the following functionality:

  • importing documents according to a standard work flow, including the bar codes recognition
  • access from internal network with a web browser
  • access to documentation using search engines
  • search by index
  • search by a general match
  • attaching a set of attributes to the documents, including Unique Reference Number, which may be generated automatically during the importing stage
  • storing the history of documents status and version changes (audit trial)
  • versioning