CEP - Compressor Energy Prognosis

Product description

CEP is a software tool for the calculation and optimization of compressor electricity and/or gas demand. Based on gas nominations for each pipeline, the tool proposes compressor configuration and flows, and calculates an electricity and fuel gas demand schedule for the next 24h. The software will help the users with the energy procurement by delivering electricity and fuel gas schedule forecasts.

Target Group

CEP is an engineering tool for optimal operation of compressors on the gas market. Originally it has been developed for gas caverns, where operations require large gas flows and high flexibility of the storages, which results in significant energy costs. Among further possible markets CEP could be useful in chemistry, CO2 or air compression. In general this application is designed for the plants, where steady, up-to-date forecast of energy costs and optimal mode of compressor’s operation are required

CEP supports you with:

  • Reducing fuel gas and electricity consumption costs
  • Improving transparency of plant operation
  • Accurate gas/ electricity schedule forecasts
  • Different scenarios of operation
  • Automatic data acquisition from various IT systems

Input data

CEP software uses a large number of input data in order to calculate the usage of your compressors precisely. Ranging from economic variables such as energy costs and maintenance charges, operational variables such as availability of devices and site schedule, to technical data such as gas composition and environmental conditions, CEP uses all essential data in calculations of optimal schedule forecast.


Compressor Energy Prognosis (CEP) gives you clear, visualized information about the compressor’s schedule and energy demand. Estimated potential savings between different operational scenarios are shown in graphical and tabular form. Most of all CEP gives you quick and transparent information about the most cost-efficient compressor’ schedule and becomes a good basis for further operation planning.

Step by step with CEP

At the first step you can find site configuration including compressor definition. Compressors are accurately calculated based on the producer’s maps (PNG, GIF, JPG), which can be easily imported and digitalized. This process is intuitive and is supported with customizable curves and points which are visible on the imported compressor’s map. Alternatively you can easily fill a table with dedicated points or import such a table from commonly used Microsoft Excel. After successful definition of the site configuration, you can start your everyday operation with CEP

Stable Software

Runs fast on your desktop, no server installation is required, Windows standalone application.

Easy to use

Windows based look-and-feel, sensible defaults, wizard for beginners, intuitive user interface.


Flexible in amount of compressors per site, different configurations and input conditions.


Analyze results with graphical and tabular view, generate daily, weekly, monthly reports, import input data directly from Excel files, export optimization results to the Excel files, all integrated with Compressor Energy Prognosis (CEP) application


Detailed model for site configuration, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, gas turbine and electric motor drives, support for clearance pockets of reciprocating compressors and many more...

CEP includes the following functionalities:

  • Supports characteristics of all sorts of commonly used combinations of drives and compressors
  • Supports serial and parallel modes of compressor operation
  • Supports different stages of reciprocating compressors controlled by valves and clearance pocket
  • Supports the bypass mode
  • Supports many types of compressors and different configuration of devices connection.

During optimization and calculation, CEP takes into account the impact of:

  • Predicted suction and discharge pressures
  • Gas and ambient temperatures
  • Different gas compositions
  • Current compressor configuration
  • Electric motor and gas turbine efficiency
  • Engine gearbox ratio
  • Isentropic and polytrophic enthalpy rise of the compressor
  • Fuel gas and electricity prices
  • Cost of changing compressor state (Start/Stop)
  • Cost of compressor maintenance
  • Compressor availability and technical restrictions
  • Gas interstage temperature
  • Manufacturer’s compressor and drive performance maps in different formats.

User Interface

CEP has been carefully prepared according to ergonomic, modern application standards. It has an easy and intuitive user interface, which enables you to import and digitalize compressor maps. Although CEP uses many important thermodynamic and device data, it is not required to know all the technical parameters. In order to facilitate your day-by-day software usage, a number of methods of operation have been prepared:

  • With wizard support for beginner users
  • With standardized tables for advanced users
  • Possibilities to duplicate any task from the previous day and quickly adjust values for a new calculation

CEP software provides:

  • Settings (gas day, colors adjustment)
  • Restricted access when editing compressors performance maps
  • Tooltips (description of functionalities)
  • Flexible MS Excel synchronization (copy/ paste specific values, tables or excel spread sheets)
  • Flexible conversion of units (i.e. nominations between Nm3/h and kWh)
  • Export data to external application like Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF
  • representation of results with possibilities of comparing different scenarios
  • Tips for possible reasons if the optimal solution cannot be found
  • Multilanguage interface (i.e. English and German)
  • Multilanguage documentation (i.e. English and German)

Simulation and optimization

After successfully entering compressor maps and input data required for forecast, CEP calculates an optimal compressor operation mode. The most important criterion of calculation is minimizing operational costs.

There are three main forecast scenarios implemented:

  • Constant configuration - in this mode the optimization assumes that the compressors will work continuously in the same configuration each hour during the 24 hour period.
  • Limited Flexibility - in this mode the compressors can be switched on or off but the optimization assumes compressors will work in the same configuration (either in serial or in parallel) during the 24 hour period.
  • Full flexibility - in this mode the compressors can be switched on or off and the configuration can be changed between serial and parallel during the entire 24 hour period.

When the optimization module finds no solution, you will be informed about possible reasons of such situation. The software will also display information about maximal possible flows for every active compressor.

Calculation time for an exemplary three compressors configuration is approximately 30 seconds.

Renomination scenarios could be calculated even quicker due to a shorter time horizon. All results are properly stored and can be used for further “what if” simulations.

Analysis of calculated schedules

Results are prepared in tabular and graphical form. The following example shows data available for the next gas day listed hour by hour:

  • Division of energy and gas flow for each compressor
  • Compressor configuration
  • Compressor gas flow
  • Information about operation costs (energy or switching
  • Information about bypass mode

Data in the system are stored in an internal database and can be easily retrieved by CEP allowing you to readily analyze all parameters. This approach also provides security of the data.

Software environment

CEP is a stand-alone solution with a connection to manual input data or external systems, i.e., SCADA systems through read-only OPC servers. Notwithstanding, at the first step, CEP can operate without connection to an automation system. All necessary data can be entered manually in the user interface, or imported from Microsoft Excel or CSV files. As a standalone software it is not necessary to install CEP on a dedicated server. You can use the application with your own configuration on your desktop, and prepare your own energy schedule forecast.



Compressor Energy Prognosis (CEP) information brochure:

Compressor Energy Prognosis success story of E.ON Gas Storage:

DEMO version of Compressor Energy Prognosis (CEP) application:
Standalone version. Requirements: MS Windows 7, MS Office 2007/2010, Intel i3 compatible processor or higer, min. 2GB of RAM.
After installation, English and German version of User Guide is available in Menu Start>Compressor Energy Prognosis (CEP) folder

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