The first productive implementation of CEP - Compressor Energy Prognosis Application

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October 2012 has resulted in completion of the first productive implementation of Compressor Energy Prognosis (CEP) for a large European company managing gas storages located in several European countries.

Compressor Energy Prognosis is software tool designed for the calculation and optimization of compressors’ electricity and/or fuel gas demand. The goal of the optimization is to find an optimal configuration for the compressors that meets the customer’s contractual requirements and minimizes the site’s operating costs (cost of fuel, number of starts/stops). As a result an optimal configuration will be delivered and prognosis of the required electrical energy for the next 24 hours.

More information about the system

The implementation of CEP applications took place in a rapid and coordinated manner in a close cooperation with the customer. When designing and developing the software, numerous customer requests and suggestions were implemented to make CEP as the most useful and user-friendly as client’s vision

The software has been implemented on two gas sites equipped with the total number of 7 compressors (various types – centrifugal and reciprocating compressors with electric engine and gas turbine drives).

The implementation was successful and resulted in following benefits for the Customer:

  • Minimization of the running costs of the storage sites
  • Help for site operators in daily running of the compressors thanks to the delivery of a compressor operation schedule (injection/withdrawal, serial/parallel mode)
  • Help for the energy procurement by delivering an close-to-exact electricity and gas schedule forecast