Two new implementations of Compressor Energy Prognosis (CEP)

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Last quarter of 2013 has resulted in completion of the next two implementations of Compressor Energy Prognosis (CEP) application for a large European company managing gas storages located in Germany. One of the storage is located in a salt caverns and the second one in a depleted oil field. The total amount of compressors supported by the CEP application is equal 9 (2 centrifugal compressors are located on a salt cavern storage field and the remaining 7 on a depleted oil field storage).

Compressor Energy Prognosis is software tool designed for the calculation and optimization of compressors’ electricity and/or fuel gas demand. The goal of the optimization is to find an optimal configuration for the compressors that meets the customer’s contractual requirements and minimizes the site’s operating costs (cost of fuel, number of starts/stops). As a result an optimal configuration will be delivered and prognosis of the required electrical energy for the next 24 hours.

More information about the system together with downloadable DEMO version

The upcoming new release of SMS - Storage Management System

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Currently Transition Technologies finalizes the stage of intense software development tasks related to the Storage Management System (SMS) R&D plans execution. The new Release 10 of SMS is being developed, offering a number of new features, as well as the enhancements of functionalities already available in previous releases.

Solution Mining Research Institute (SMRI) Conference - Transition Technologies was there.

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The last Solution Mining Research Institute Conference was held at the turn of September and October 2012 in Bremen.

During this event Transition Technologies was pleased to present one of its products: Storage Operation Expert (SOE). The presentation was conducted for delegates from all around the world, representing mainly the mining industry, technical universities and research centers, as well as operators and users of gas storage facilities.